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"The Age of the Millenials"

Please watch the video link (posted below) "The Age of the Millenials." and answer the questions.

1. What specific strengths and challenges do members of the "Millenial Generation" (a.k.a, Generation Y) bring to the workplace?
2. How do HR managers need to adjust their policies and practices to address the needs of this generation?
3. In what ways can HR managers use social media for the benefit of their organizations?

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Millenials (a.k.a. Generation Y) are much different than previous generations when they entered the workplace. In the past, those moving from college into a career felt gratitude that they were being hired by a company. Millenials, on the other hand, feel a sense of entitlement that previous generations did not feel. They are much more likely to walk if the company doesn't meet their needs, where past generations would change to meet their companies expectations.

Millenials do, however, bring a number of unique strengths to the workplace. They are much more tech savvy than any previous generation. They have grown up with a cell phone in one hand and a iPad in the other hand. They intuitively understand technology much more than their predecessors. They are also very adept at multitasking, ...

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The age of the millenials are determined. How the HR manager needs to adjust their policies and practices to address the needs of this generation is determined.