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    Human Resources Management

    Human Resource Management (Known as HRM) is the management of human capital within an organization. HR Managers are responsible for the pay, training, and attraction of current and future employees. It is through the human resource management team that organizations and businesses are able to keep track of their most valuable resource: human capital.

    Human resource management is constantly changing. Globalization, technology, diversity, e-commerce, and ethics are all changing the way that HR managers organize human capital. Technology is becoming a hot topic for ethics issues; the advancement of social media has created a distraction for many workers. It is the job of the human resource management team to regulate the use of social media within company means. There is also an ever-changing demand for international HR management and domestic HR management. Both of these management strategies have their strengths, weaknesses, and challenges at the management and worker levels.

    Human resource management can also be explored using case studies. For example, car manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz USA all the way to volunteer and not-for-profit sports associations all require efficient and innovative HR techniques in order to attract and retain the best human capital they can afford. HRM needs to motivate employees. Employees need to feel like they are part of something bigger than just a job. HR managers need to build empowerment among employees, create team cohesion, ensure assimilation of diversity, and follow employment laws to guarantee meaningful and safe employment.

    Human resource management spans a wide area, which often includes leadership skills, compensation strategies, and managing people and teams. It is important that HR managers are trained and certified in order to keep uniformity among organizations and to uphold the principles of law. As such, the study of HR management is comprehensive and incorporates several disciplines.

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    BrainMass Categories within Human Resources Management

    Compensation Strategies

    Solutions: 485

    Compensation strategies are the policies put in place by human resource management to retain, reward, and attract the best human capital.

    Managing Teams

    Solutions: 223

    Human capital is extremely important to organizations, and managing people and teams is the most important aspect of being an HR manager.

    Labour Management and Relations

    Solutions: 899

    Labor management and relations is the management of unionized and non-unionized employees, including labor law.

    Human Resource Outsourcing

    Solutions: 174

    Outsourcing is the movement of an operation from within an organization to a third-party outsider.

    Diversity in Human Resource Management

    Solutions: 283

    Diversity in human resource management ensures that workforces are well prepared and accepting of new employees and that a variety of opinions and ideas are present while making important decisions.

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    Management Controls and Vulnerability to Fraud

    Research the topic of internal controls and outline the set of these controls that would apply to your current, or a former, organization of which you are familiar. This could be government, nonprofit, or for-profit. The organization should have at least 40 or more employees. Outline where there may be areas that could be vulner

    Vodafone Case Study

    Using Hoffman's 2015 case study 'Vodafone Egypt and the Arab Spring: When Government and Business Collide.' Analyze the ethical dilemma presented in the case study. Should corporations influence public policy? How should a corporation respond when a government request conflicts with business strategy? Evaluate the role of

    Benefits of Internal Promotion

    While the new operation will be hiring many candidates externally, there are a number of jobs that would be attractive to employees from the eight similar operations. For example, the HR department will have a staff of about 15, six of whom will be at the managerial level and there are distinct advantages to promoting employees

    Applicant Screening: Reviewing Application Tracking Software

    Reviewing Application Tracking Software In your role as an external consultant, you have been asked to assist HR in developing an effective screening process for job candidates. The company is considering screening at two levels. The first level of screening would be done using applicant tracking software (ATS), such as Ta

    Preboarding Plan

    Develop a presentation with the purpose of persuading your audience (company or university board) to either provide funding for a new product link, address a current social issue or improve one specific area within your workplace. Ways to Improve onboarding employees. Ways to improve customer service.

    Onboarding Experience Comparison

    Managers play a key role in setting the new employee up for success. There is a lot to cover and the process is often overwhelming for managers. These activities will help you prepare for a new hire. Read two onboarding scenarios and compare and contrast the experiences. Activity The Onboarding Experience Scenario On

    On-boarding Practices

    Discuss your personal onboarding experiences/ Describe one of the best and/or worst onboarding experiences you have had. Describe what onboarding means to you.

    FedEx Turnover, Hiring, and Engagement Strategies

    Provide a general literature review of recent scholarly themes that address employee engagement as a general category (for any company, not just the one you have chosen). By this point, you should have completed a thorough review of the available resources in the Capella library. Within HRM scholarship, describe the themes tha

    Interview Biases

    Reflect on the reading 'Common Interview Biases.' Have you ever made a decision with emotion and biases? Have you ever fallen prey to First Impression Bias, Halo Effects, Stereotyping, Contrast Effects, Similar to me, or more? Please describe a situation when this may have occurred or you have witnessed it occurring.

    Relocating an employee abroad

    Choose a country where a U.S.-based company might choose to relocate an employee. Address the following, based on the cultural profile of the country you have chosen: Use the theories and methods described in at least one of the readings for this unit to identify the most important factor to anticipate when preparing an emplo

    FedEx Human Resources Issues

    Every organization, no matter how effective with employee engagement, needs to continually review and update its human resources methods to ensure that what it is doing is sustainable and effective for the future. In thinking about the organization you have been targeting, what three areas would be an ongoing concern, future

    Business Issues Facing FedEx

    Analyze three business issues FedEx is facing. Determine whether this company's industry as a whole is experiencing issues related to employee engagement, recruiting, or retention. For example, if it is a retail organization, is the retail industry facing changes that challenge your organization? Once again, be sure to incorp

    Bonus Plan Adjustment

    The Quantum Division of Nextel Corp., based in San Jose, California, manufactures semi- conductors that convert analog signals to digital signals. Lynn Kraft is the division manager. Her compensation consists of a base wage of $50,000 plus a bonus of 2 percent of division profits above $10 million. Last year's division profits w

    Contemporary global issues: leadership & development for Amazon

    Please assist with an academic analysis of a contemporary global issue in the areas of leadership and workforce development for Amazon. Specifically, the field of workforce development and education includes technical education, instruction in business, human resources, vocational operations, and governmental operations in regar

    Three Onboarding Processes

    A group of onboarding experience coordinators will be given additional tasks outlined below. Wanted an outsider looking in to review this and let me know if it makes sense. This is for a group of young ladies in their mid twenties working for a fortune 200 company in the Recruitment area. Value Added Tasks Onboarding Experien

    Discussing the HR advantages of hiring Millennials

    Please watch the video, "The Age of the Millenials", and answer the questions. 1. What specific strengths and challenges do members of the "Millenial Generation" (a.k.a, Generation Y) bring to the workplace? 2. How do HR managers need to adjust their policies and practices to address the needs of this generation? 3. In w

    Succession Planning and Mentorship

    1) Why succession planning is important for the organization. 2) How do you decide who would be a good fit for mentorship and key positions.

    Addressing Substandard Employee Performance

    How would you address the problem of a pleasant, likable employee whose normally marginal performance repeatedly becomes substandard a few weeks after corrective action is applied?

    Resume Fraud

    What are some strategies hiring managers can use to identify resume fraud?

    Performance Management Assessment

    Diagnose the performance management system of your current or former organization (name optional), or an organization with which you are familiar, to assess the system and determine if there are business need(s) for change to the system. Research and evaluate three or more options to enhance the effectiveness of the performance

    Staffing Organizations

    1. What are the limitations of disparate impact statistics as indicators of potential staffing discrimination. see attached

    Time Management: Change

    Using relevant theories, write about your personal aptitude for change management and the implications of this for your future career.(assignment question attached as "Coursework Brief MOIC.docx") I've attached what I was able to write in the document labelled "MOIC.docx". Now I would like to write about; time management. Wha

    Negoiations 3-4 paragraphs with ref

    Put yourself in the shoes of Alice Jones, the executive who is being considered for termination in the Netflix case study. What objections or concerns might you express during the negotiation session if you were Alice Jones? Some examples could be: •Alice claims the action being taken is discriminatory and threatens to sue fo

    Negotiation: Severance Options

    Keep in mind the following critical elements: •Sharon Slade's and Alice Jones' ZOPA and BATNA positions developed in Milestone One and the individual Module Four discussion. •Areas where Netflix has flexibility: These areas may include: modifying the performance improvement plan, shifting Alice to another position, outplac

    Compensation Plan for International Personnel

    Due to the increased globalization of your business, management has asked you to design a compensation program for international personnel. Individuals will be coming to the United States and traveling from the United States to other countries. Write a paper describing in detail the most important elements of the compensation