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    Global Market in the Home Building Industry

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    If you should Research global business models to determine how global firms are competing in HOME BUILDING INDUSTRY market space and Determine what these firms are and analyze them. Your analysis should include the following:

    A snapshot of the selected company by analyzing current performance, including at least the share of the market by:

    Product line.
    (1) Core competencies
    (2) Financial performance
    (3) Key success factors

    Any other important metric you determine through research to be a determinant of differential success

    A description of the initiatives undertaken by the companies to both develop new products and to enter new markets or market segments. Describe the products and the markets.

    REQUIRED: Determine whether global growth opportunities exist for HOME BUIDING INDUSTRY. Provide evidence to support your position.

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    //The given discussion paper is based on the 'Home Building Industry'. In this paper, the business of the home building industry is explained in detail. In this series, in the first set of the discussion paper, the services of the home building industry and global opportunities for these industries are explained in detail.//

    Home Building Industry

    Global Growth Opportunities for Home Building Industry:

    Home Building Industry provides sustainable and attractive homes so as to meet the demands of the customers. Over the past decade, nearly about 17 million new conventional homes were added by the Home Building Industry. About 1.7 million homes were developed for the single-family initiators alone in the year 2005. Since 1990s, the home building industry has grown very rapidly without a momentous downturn because of the stable economy and low mortgage interest rates. Such kind of stable and strong growth had given a way to mergers and acquisition within the industry. By the end of the year 2004, there has been a 20% increase in the sales of new conventional single-family homes in the industry and due to this the market share of the industry had increased in most the metropolitan areas and also in the different parts of other countries.

    //In the next section of the discussion paper, several reasons for the availability of the opportunities for global growth of the home building industries are explained in detail to understand the degree of growth these Organizations can have in the coming future.//

    There are extensive opportunities of global growth for the home building industry. The ...

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    In this paper, the business of the home building industry is discussed, including services, global opportunities, core competencies, financial performance, and key success factors in 977 Words with APA format.