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Minimum loss of profits

The spreadsheet requires the input of some formulas in order to use the solver. Need to find minimun loss of profits while rerouting computer servers. iIthought my input formulas were fine , but Ikeep getting an error message from excel. i traced the problem, but I am not literate in using the formula auditing or for that matter to use excel at its full capacity, and I really could not find the source of the error. I need someone to go over the formulas and see where is the error.

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Please find the attached excel and word files. The excel file contains
1. The modified sections in blue color. I recalculated the DLR for cross check purpose. In all the formulas, reference cells are used. I found no error in the formulas and model. The attached ...

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In word file mathematical formulation for the problem is provided. Then the solution using LINDO software is also given in the end for cross check purpose.