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    Financial Management

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    Details: You have been promoted to a member of the management team in Verybest's financial department. You have hired a new staff member who is to assist you in preparing materials for the next Board of Directors meeting in which the annual financial reports will be presented.

    Write an e-mail to your new employee explaining the components and the process of creating an annual report. Focus strongly on how accounting inputs are formulated into financial reports and statements for the organization. The memo should include three of the following annual reporting components:

    Chairman of the Board Letter
    sales and marketing
    10-year summary of financial figures
    management discussion and analysis
    CPA opinion letter
    financial statements (balance sheet, check sales, profits, R&D spending, inventory and debt levels over time)
    subsidiaries, brands, and addresses
    list of directors and officers
    market cap = number of shares x share price
    price to book = market cap / shareholders' funds
    price to sales= market cap / annual sales
    profit margin = profit after tax / annual sales
    P/E Ratio = market cap / profit after tax
    gearing = net debt / shareholders' funds
    Enterprise Value (EV) = market cap plus debt (or minus cash)
    EV / cash flow = enterprise value / operating cash flow

    Objective: Examine the process of accounting and reporting.

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    //In this part of the paper the main components that must be included in the annual financial report of the company has been explained. The main points to be included include the letter from the chairman of the company discussing about the financial progress and performance by the company. This also includes the other factors like the financial statements, several ratios and so on.//


    To: New Employee

    From: Member of the Management Team

    Date: 12/03/12

    Subject: Presentation of Annual Financial Statements

    The Annual financial report of the company needs to be presented in the Board of director's meeting. We need to prepare this report in which, the annual financial report needs to be presented. The main point that ...

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