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stocks from Hong Kong, India and US

Your provided investment included some stocks from Hong Kong, India and US, but I would like my equity investment to stay in Hong Kong, US and France financial market.

Therefore, please provide 3 stocks from each of the three trading market (Hong Kong, US and France). But please give background and fundamentals information of the stocks, and explain why you think the particular stocks should be able to reach 10% return target.

I would also like to add Fixed Income Securities into my investment portfolio, please use approximately 500 words to explain what are the Advantages and Disadvantage of Fixed Income Securities and please provide some Fixed Income Securities that you think could reach the 10% target, and please choose from Hong Kong, US and France market.

And please use 500 words to explain the Country Risk behind my investment portfolio and please focus detail on Foreign Exchange rate. Using reference behind sentences to support your solutions would be very helpful.

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