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1 (chapter 5) Co. A is about to pay a dividend of $3.15 per share. Its future EPS and dividends are expected to grow with inflation, which is forecasted at 3% per year. What is the company's stock price? The nominal cost of capital is 10%. (Problem 17 page110)

2. (chapter 6) Calculate the IRR for the following project
C0 = -4,000
C1 = 5,000
C2= 6,000
C3= -3,000
(q 10 page 139)
3. (chapter 7) You are the treasurer of Co. A. The company has just ordered a piece of machinery for $800,000. Of this sum, $100,000 is described by the supplier an an installation cost. You do not know whether the IRS will permit the company to treat this cost as a tax-deductible current expense or as a capital investment. In the latter case, the company will depreciate the installation expense using the MACRS tax depreciation schedule. How will the IRS decision affect the after-tax cost of the machinery? The tax rate is 40% and the opportunity cost of capital is 10%.
(page 163 #13).
4. (chapter 8) Co A has a standard deviation of 42% per year and a beta of +.10. Co. B has a standard deviation of 31% a year and a beat of +.66. Which investment is safer for a diversified investor?
(page 202 #14)


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