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    FAB analysis

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    Custom Design Wood office furniture products (table, cabinets)

    Web site :http://www.customdesignaz.com/default.htm

    Need a FAB analysis for their products and services....I need at least 7 features, advantages and benefits.

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    Feature: Skilled craftsmen guarantee quality.
    Advantage: Meets the unique needs of the customer.
    Benefits: Provides excellent custom made office that meets the need of the organization.

    Reception areas:
    Feature: Excellent modern design, landscaping.
    Advantage: Makes a strong statement, makes excellent use of space.
    Benefits: Customized furniture helps create the ambience that impresses the visitor to the business.

    Retail Outlet/DSC00164a
    Feature: Large number of display shelves each having high visibility.
    Advantage: A large number of products having different size and shapes can be displayed.
    Benefits: The sales volumes can increase using this retail outlet layout.

    Retail Outlet/DSC00163a
    Feature: two high performance checks out counters.
    Advantage: It can service two checkout queues at the same time.
    Benefits: A large number of customers can be checked out in a short time.

    Design for Business Professionals:
    Feature: Customized furniture layouts for a wide range of businesses.
    Advantage: Creative design solutions for specific office needs.
    Benefits: You get a perfect balance between high class presentation and high quality furniture.

    Custom Designing Service:
    Feature: Every piece of furniture is designed especially to meet your space and function needs.
    Advantage: You can choose the material from a selection of wood, Corian, laminates, inlays and veneers. You can also choose the design and size to suit your needs.
    Benefits: You get the most efficient usage of your space.

    Wilsonart Solid Surface
    Feature: This is an exclusive surface that can be used on furniture. A countertop;
    Advantage: Upscale looks, superior performance and affordable price.
    Benefits: Excellent seams and edges, strain resistance, mold and bacteria resistance, and heat resistant.

    Multipurpose WorkArea/IMG_4756
    Feature: Accommodates more than one person and has several storage devices.
    Advantage: More than one workstation, several monitors/TVs and cabinets. Makes excellent use of space.
    Benefits: It can accommodate more than one person and lots of files, document, DVDs and storage devices in a very small space. Still, the layout is pleasant and makes an excellent work place.

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