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Examination: Managing The Springville Herald

Please see attachment for data.

Phase 2

The advertising production Team examines the p chart developed from the data of SH14.1 (attached). Using the rules for determining out-of-control points, they observe that day 8 is above the UCL. Upon investigation, they determine that on that day, there was an employee from another work areas assigned to the processing of the ads because several employees were out ill. The group brainstorms ways of avoiding the problem in the future and recommends that a team of people from other work areas receive training on the work done by this area. Members of this team can then cover the processing of the ads by rotating in one- or two hour shifts.

SH14.3 What should the advertising production team now do concerning the data of Table SH 14.1? Explain

SH14.4 Explain how the actions of the team to avoid this particular problem in the future have resulted in quality improvement.

SH14.5 In addition to the number of ads with errors, what other information concerning errors on a daily basis should the team collect?


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SH14.3. Ideally, the production team should try to control the daily number of ads to a fixed number, for example, to 238. That way, it will be much easier to evaluate if certain ...

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