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    Environmental Scanning

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    Now that you have conducted your environmental scans, what are a few of the resources that are the most useful? Minimum 150 words

    How do you determine which information to incorporate in your environmental scan? Minimum 150 words

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    //Before lettering about the resources that are useful in 'Environmental Scans', we have to first understand the exact meaning of the environmental scan and its process. As per the directions, now we will talk about the environmental scan resources, which help in scanning process. In this part, we will also discuss about the various sources of information i.e. documentary and secondary. //

    Environmental Scans

    For the perspective of an Organization and Strategic planning, Environmental Scanning can be defined as the process of strategic management. This scanning process includes all the influencing factors that regulate and direct the goals and strategies of the organization. This environmental scanning includes both the internal and the external environments. In order to accomplish a successful environmental scanning, there are some important resources that help the management to make the decisions and strategic plans. The main resource of environmental scanning is the various informational sources. These resources can be classified in different ways. These sources could be- Formal, Informal, Written, Verbal etc. (Planning Guidelines for Environmental Scans 2009-10). ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 445 words with references.