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Business Case Study on a New Business Startup

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Please help with writing a review/analysis of a case study regarding a new business startup.

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The case report is supportive in generating investors with the basis of in-depth research - to the targeted market of direct delivery to customers of gourmet meals. In assessment, the final write should reflect the core areas within the case report to facilitate the brand company idea of product and purpose and both internal and external environments:

--Overview Business Concept
The concept is support in providing a Gourmet to Go product for busy consumers with limited time for creating a home cook meal. Thus, the new concept in grocery shopping can present vast amounts of targeted consumer audience demographics. Try and think of the product (Gourmet to Go) as combination of:

a) Menu planning and grocery delivery
b) A complete package of groceries
c) A complete list of recipes for a week's meals
d) Delivery option that is delivered to a customer's door.

In analysis, the Gourmet to Go provide will only require a warehouse-type space for the groceries - that can support the expected financial of start up costs and long-term goals for operational costs projections. Therefore, the focus on the needed initial capital required to achieve objectives of $258,000 (see the case study financial sections; start up cost, income statements, cash flow, etc.)

Honing on the financial standpoint, Jones will invest $183,000 and will manage and lead the business as senior leadership. The remainder capital will be financed through bank loan, such as, balance sheets by year 3 show retained earnings at least $29,995 with total liabilities $53,875 show a decrease from year 2 with projected cash flow at a ...

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This solution provides a review into a business plan case study of starting a new business of Gourmet to Go.

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