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e-Business - What are the types of extranets?

I need help on this E Business Home work assignment, please exclude Qn 7, 9, 11 and 12.

True/False (1 point each)Indicate whether the statement is true or false.
1. One reason e-Commerce/e-Business system projects are more difficult to manage is because datat used by e-Commerce/e-Business systems is usually scattered all over the organization.
2. In order to be truly successful at e-Business, the organization should really on human capital rather than the development of a culture that promotes the acceptance change.
3. Look and Feel is considered proprietary information?
4. The three general assets that companies engaging in electronic commerce must protect are client computers, data, and Web servers.
Multiple Response (1 point each)Identify one or more choices that best complete the statement or answer the question.
5. What are the types of extranets are? a. POTS d. Private Network
b. VPN e. C and D
c. PublicNetwork

6. Which activity is an action has the greatest potential of damaging your e-business? a. Document Sharing c. E-Mail Correspondence
b. Streaming Video d. Supply Chain Management

7. Which Critical Factor of Success is also a benefit of e-Business a. Global Reach c. Expanded Market Place
b. Interactivity d. Information Density

8. The GAO noted that more than what percent of all successful attacks on U.S. government agency systems had exploited known vulnerabilities for which a patch had been available but not installed a. 70 c. 80
b. 60 d. 90

9. Which is not one of the four basic components of any network; a. PDA c. Kios
b. Air d. Unix

Short Answer (2 points each - all or nothing)
10. Money Gram and Western Union are examples of organizations that use what type of technology?Electronic Funds Transfers
11. How might managers use SWOTT analysis to identify new applications for e-Business or e-C ommerce in their strategic business units?
12. Is the ability to establish that a particular transaction actually occurred?
13. Has been the coordinating body for standards in the United States since 1918?American National Standards Institute
14. These were responsible for providing the connections between most trading partners and were responsible for ensuring the security of the data transmitted.
15. Is the type of bidding the allows eBay to make the bidding process easier? 6


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1. True
2. False
3. False
4. True
5. b. VPN
6. a. Document ...

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