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    Develop a tactical plan for embracing diversity

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    I need help gathering information and explaining " What" and "How" a tactical plan is put together and what they could do to get it started.

    Our first assignment was for the team to create a company and then we discussed how they would answer the following question.
    " An organization wants to position itself as a leader in embracing diversity in the workplace." And we have started doing so.

    Now the second part of the assignment is to :
    Develop a tactical plan utilizing at least five of the PR tools listed below:
    1) Event Planning >> I'd select
    2) Open house
    3) Press conference >> I'd select
    4) Community event
    5) Sponsorship
    6) Corporate newsletter (internal and/or external) >> I'd select
    7) Direct mail
    8) Internet/intranet
    9) Promotional items >> I'd select
    10) Promotions - sweepstakes
    11) Spokesperson >> I'd select

    Please Help. I need a thurough explaination of how this company could develope a tactical plan using 5 of the things listed above. Please explain your answers well.

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    A tactical plan is concerned with actual implementation of the strategic plan by outlining the steps and procedures necessary to roll out the plan formulated by strategic planning team.

    1) Event Planning: Event planning can be an effective tool to enhance the corporate image of the company and enhance the public relations campaign. Events such as roadshows, cultural events, etc. not only help in attracting a large number of audience but also create a positive impression on the public with regards to the company. The company should identify events specially designed for their target markets.

    Press Conference: Press conferences give an opportunity to the media, press, investors and general public to know more about the company, its products, past performance and future plans. It can be used as an effective platform to convey the message to all the stakeholders of the company. The timing of the press conference is very crucial to the success of the organization. The tactical planning ...

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    Develop a tactical plan for embracing diversity