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Creating an Advertising Plan

I need some assistance in creating a brief advertising plan for a vehicle service plan.

Here is some background information:

The segmentation criterion for our marketing plan is divided up into two categories; the younger and the older generation. For example, in areas where there are colleges and universities, we will emphasize the ability to add the service plan credit to the car payment, as the younger population is a society that was born into the credit card era. The older population will then be identified in the same manner. An example of this would be to promote the points systems for vacations in areas such as senior apartments, communities, and neighborhoods with large numbers of retirees. Because the younger crowd does not generally possess the same amount of free time as the older, retired crowd, extra emphasis on vacationing may not be in the best interest of GM in respect to the younger population.

The service package:
Each GM Hybrid dealer in the United States has been given a package of tax incentives for the consumers to understand their true tax savings that will be applicable this year and beyond. When the organizational buyers talk to customers they can assist them in planning their first vacation before they even leave the dealership. GM will finance the Service Pack for qualified consumers so the organizational buyers will be able to market the impressive campaign. Each organizational buyer that participates will be able to advertise vacations and services beyond the life of the warranties for qualified buyers. For the qualified buyers, there will be questions and information collected from the organizational buyers.

Promotion Schedule
Our GM Hybrid Service plan is a pioneer in comparison to the traditional plans offered by dealers. Therefore, our promotion schedule must be carefully planned. The current proposal is to begin promotion at the beginning of a holiday period, preferably Memorial Day weekend. This will allow us to continue the Service Plan promotion through the GM summer clearance event that is most likely to be advertised and will allow us time in the fall season to evaluate and adjust our promotions as necessary, depending on initial target return results. Any readjustments made would better reflect preparation for the GM year-end sales event and would then give us time in the winter months to evaluate results of this promotional effort. Ultimately this will come to be the cycle by which we promote the product; a period of promotion followed by a period of evaluation.

Public Relations Opportunities
It is imperative that when introducing the GM Hybrid Service Plan that we maintain a neutral stance; that is, that we do not let one group or another associate too closely with our plan. For example, advertising our plan with endorsements by Green Peace may not be the best move if we are to try to win consumers who may have a conservative viewpoint. Therefore, we advertise on a neutral ground, appealing to every American, emphasizing how it is every American’s duty to ensure our society is offering a fair share of helping the environment. The GM service plan can then be construed as “Our way of saying thank you for helping GM and associates save our natural resources”. This is not biased in any way, but overall appeals to all aspects of the public and helps maintain strong company/ public relations.

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We are trying to reach two segments, the young between the ages of 21-34 and the elderly that is 55 and above. The advertisements should reach the areas and localities where the GM Hybrid Service Plan service centers are located. The income of the younger segment person will be 60,000 - 80,000 per year and that of the older segment will be $80,000 and above. The young will be newly weds just beginning their life together and the older segment will be empty nesters. The message will be that GM Hybrid Service Plan is the most attractive plan that you can get. This plan is more attractive than any other plan in the market. The customer should know that you are reliable and will offer the services that you have promised. The ads will target men and women in the above-specified age group ...

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