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Corporation benefits in a global environment

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How can corporations benefit from the global environment?
Are all corporations benefiting in the global environment?
Is promoting corporate industry the right policy for governments to pursue?

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How can corporations benefit from the global environment?

Corporations can benefit because the opportunities available in the global markets are much more vast and diversified. From a standpoint of customers, the company has access to more people in more places. It can build a consumer base in not just one area, but over different areas. This helps during times of slow sales and global economic downturns. Since most downturns spread, the first involved in economic woes are usually recovering when others are facing one.
Additionally, global environments offer access to resources. Labor is a big concern for some companies and global environments allow companies to move more quickly into areas with better or more labor opportunities. Materials and equipment are also more readily available if a company is not limited to a single ...

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A brief review of the benefits of the global environment for corporations based on the questions presented.

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