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Social Facilitation

1.How do the phenomena of social facilitation and social loafing influence the performance of individuals in group settings?

2.What can be done to improve the quality of formal and informal communication in organizations?

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I believe that the phenomenon of social facilitation affects the performance of individuals in group settings, due to the fact that individuals gain a psychological edge from the very act of belonging to a group. Individuals tend to act very differently when they belong to a group of other individuals with a common purpose in achieving some given objective, and one of the most noticeable differences in the performance of individuals when they are part of a supportive group, is an great increase in boldness that these individuals exhibit in the facilitation of the accomplishment of their objectives. So in essence, social facilitation will in most cases provide an individual with an increased level of boldness and pro activeness, to perform above and beyond the performance level demonstrated when they are working alone.

Social loafing can also have a tremendous ...