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    Concept of Needs

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    Target audience & competition are the n ext components to be adress as part of the process of developing a comprehensive strategic marketing plan. To choose an appropriate target market, one must understand how consumers make purchases decisions. Report to your colleagues,

    1. reseach then discuss the concepts of "needs" amd hoe these needs fit within the stages of the cinsumes behavior model.

    2. summarize how you would apply the above discussion to your service's target market and the competition.
    Note: even though you have created a service it makes sense to research real companies and proucts that might be considered competitors.

    3. In text citations and corresponding references should be included in the paper APA format.

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    1. reseach then discuss the concepts of "needs" amd hoe these needs fit within the stages of the cinsumes behavior model.

    In today's competitive and dynamic business environment where consumer is perceived to be the king and the focus is on Total Quality Management for greates consumer satisfaction, it is very necessary for any marketeer for understanding the needs and wants of its target market in order to devise a strategy and product which maximized their satisfaction by addressing all their needs and wants.

    Behind the visible act of making a purchase lies a decision process that must be investigated.
    The purchase decision process is the stages a buyer passes through in making choices about which products and services to buy. the five stages of the consumer behavior model can be presented as:

    Problem recognition,
    Information search,
    Alternative evaluation,
    Purchase decision, and
    Post-purchase behavior.


    The concept of need fits unfluences the behavior of buyers to make a purchase decision right from the start of the model where the problem recognition takes place due to the needs and wants of the consumers.Recognition of a problem or need is disparity between a consumer's current situation and some desired goal. Such a disparity produces a motivation to act. NEed recosgnition shaped the benefits consumers seek in a product or ...

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    Concept of Needs