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Complexity Theory and Emerging Leadership

Create a new paradigm of systems thinking based on views of the ideal future and how one should think about improving organizations.

Provide an example of this new paradigm in action for an existing organization in which you are familiar. Consider your views on something new and breakthrough based on current understanding of organizational theory and design. Examples include the following:

â?¢ A leadership paradigm -- a paradigm of systems thinking where leaders and leadership is at the center
â?¢ A communications paradigm -- a paradigm of systems thinking where communications is at the center
â?¢ A life's flow paradigm -- a paradigm of systems thinking that embraces people's changing motivations.

Note: you can't just say that new paradigm simply needs to be a combination of rational, natural, and open. That is not acceptable for this assignment.

Include a visual representation, such as a table, graph, or chart, and other images and metaphors to help clarify the paradigm.

Discuss ethical considerations as they relate to your paradigm of systems thinking.

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Please see my thoughts on Complexity Theory as a new leadership paradigm. ...

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This solution addresses possible new leadership paradigms arising from complexity and systems theory. This solution does not address the ethical considerations related to this paradigm, as different individuals would approach ethical considerations differently.