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    Competitive Landscape Of Wal-Mart's Dry Cleaning Service

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    I need to analyze current competitors and to define the competitive landscape for Wal-Mart's dry cleaning service.

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    //As per the guidelines, we have to write about the Wal-Mart's dry cleaning service. We will discuss about the current competitors of the Company and the main factors affecting the industry. We will also discuss about the factors due to which the competition in the market is rising.//


    Wal-Mart offers "Dry cleaner's secret" for cleanness of clothes. It has a facility from Wal-Mart that it doesn't charge even a single penny for this product; customer only pays the shipping charges. There are more than 30000 companies who are involved in the business of dry cleaning services. $20 billions are generated as revenue from all these companies. Industry has many players in dry cleaning services but Wal-Mart offers a complete different product for the purpose of dry cleaning at home within 20 to 30 minutes. Consumer income is directly related to demand. (Dry Cleaner's Secret: "Does It Work, 2007)

    Product, operation and technology are the three main aspects which work as main factors in competition. Some players in this ...

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