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Competitive Intelligence

1) Imagine you are the CI Analyst for the website http://www.pearlwear.com.

List out your top five competitors and explain your strategy how you could be different from your competitors so that you can have competitive advantage

Telecom: Strategic Challenges in a Turbulent Environment


This case is designed to raise issues pertaining to the interaction of firms and the environments in which they operate. The issue at the core of the case is how firms can adapt to a complex and rapidly changing environment in order to achieve and maintain success. Other important questions follow from this focus and relate to issues of what the major elements of a complex environment are, how these elements impact firms, how firms succeed, and how internal resources and external factors can explain firm-level success.

The specific context of the case is of a highly successful telecommunications firm, Singapore Telecom (SingTel), which faces important changes in its primary market, in addition to being threatened by major technological and competitive uncertainties that challenge all telecommunications firms. The penetration rates of key services (fixed lines, mobile phones, and pagers) in Singapore are already well above the levels of developed countries, indicating the difficulty of achieving high rates of growth without the introduction of new and innovative services. There are downward trends in prices, and technological advances such as Internet telephony that may, in the future, reduce demand for conventional IDD services. Additional competitors will soon enter the Singapore telecommunication industry in the mobile and fixed-line markets, competing eagerly for a share of the pie.

Sufficient information is presented in the case to permit discussion of the factors that explain the firm's success to date, the nature of the challenges it faces, the options available to meet these challenges, the broad strategies the firm should adopt, and issues relating to industry analysis. The case can also be used to introduce the challenges that newly privatized businesses meet, the difficulties that Asian firms must overcome as they face increasingly global competition, and the changing nature of the telecommunications industry and technology.

Conduct a SWOT analysis of the company. (300 words Only)

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The top five competitors of http://www.pearlwear.com






Competitive strategy for http://www.pearlwear.com

We can be different from our competitors by selling pearls from exotic locations. For example, Tahitian pearls.
The pearls should be unique. For example the website should sell coin pearls and black pearls.
The pearls should be made into bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings of unique design. The design should be more unique and creative than those of the competitors.
In addition http://www.pearlwear.com should specialize in a particular variety of pearl. For example, the site can specialize in freshwater potato pearls. There can be 250 varieties of potato pearls alone like potato ...

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