Total Compensation and Incentive Plans: Pros and Cons

I need to make some PowerPoint slides on compensation methods and incentive methods for a company. Can you help me with this I liked you work from before with my 5 year career plan.

Also I have to write an outline with full written introduction and conclusion examining how an organization's incentive plans relate to organizational objectives. I also need to evaluate how the incentives plans do, or do not, help the organization to achieve its goals and objectives. Thanks!!!

Solution Summary

Incentive plans and their effectiveness have been argued about for years as to whether they are effective or not when used as a tool to spur increased productivity. Incentive plans are a fundamental choice that a company will make based on asking themselves some key questions. "How much financial capital do we allocate"? "Will the plan work"? And finally, "what will be the return on our investment"? (Armstrong, 2006). It is the goal of this research to analyze these questions and determine if incentive plans really work.