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Compare & Contrast Leadership Abilities of Mandela & Obama

Both leaders have the characteristics that are required to lead change. Both have shown that they have the ability to move people and get them to take action. Nelson Mandela did this even while in jail, influencing those responsible to putting him there in the first place. Mr. Mandela has successfully changed the mindset of South African and put an end to Apartheid and the oppression that system caused for Black People.

Barack Obama does not have the life experience of Mandela, but he does have the characteristics to make him as successful as Mandela with his change initiatives. Just like Mandela, he recognizes the power of his people and he empowers them to act.

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Traits (Jones, 2009)
- Willing to make tough decisions
- Strong and decisive
- Understands problems faced by the people
- Can get things done

- "Troublemaker"
- Politician
- Courageous
- Vocal
- Negotiator

Charismatic (ecoggins, 2011)- has the ability to draw people to his side. His charisma won him the 2008 elections because he mobilized people in a way that had not been used before.

Transformational (ecoggins, 2011)- He ran on a "change" platform. People wanted something different and they believed that this would be the man to do it.

Cross-cultural (ecoggins, 2011)- Embraces and personified diversity. The fact that he is the first non-white president in itself personifies diversity in the highest U.S. office, but he was also able to bridge some gaps in cultural diversity by embracing the concerns of other nations in a way no other president before him had ever done.

Contingency/Situational (ecoggins, 2011)-adjusts his style to suit the situation at hand, and uses the appropriate actions to accomplish the task at ...

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This solution does a side by side comparison of the leadership traits, styles and abilites of Nelson Mandela and Barack Obama and their abilities to inspire change.