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Columbine High School

How were the performances of five major functional components of the ICS during the Columbine High School emergency response situation?

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No single agency can handle an emergency situation of any scale alone. Everyone and all agencies are more effective when working together to manage the emergency. A formalized management structure lends consistency, fosters efficiency, and provides direction during a response. The Incident Command System (ICS) organization is built around five major components:
- Command
- Planning
- Operations
- Logistics
- Finance/Administration
These five major components are applied, when preparing or responding to a major disaster. The ICS organization has the capability to expand or contract to meet the needs of the incident, but all incidents will have an Incident Commander. The Incident Commander is responsible for on-scene management until transferred to another person.

Incident Command System:
The assault on Columbine High School was a very complex challenge for responding emergency personnel. The ICS coordinates several responding agencies as was used at Columbine High School in the aftermath of the attack. All command responsibilities were clearly defined and ...

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Define ICS and discuss proper application during the Columbine High School emergency response situation.