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Career Development Activity

-Can you assess how you might use this activity with clients in order to overcome some cultural biases or assumptions?

-Can you be specific about at least one bias or assumption that someone may have and how to overcome it using an activity such as the card sort.

-Justify how an assessment such as the card sort activity may help create rapport with a client, building a greater understanding of cultural or gender differences between you and the client.

-Analyze how career development and human development are intertwined by using the card values as a point of reference.

300 words or more with scholarly references

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(1) Can you assess how you might use this activity (see attachment) with clients in order to overcome some cultural biases or assumption?

The Career Value Card Sort (Knowdell, 1977) can be used with effectiveness in individual and group settings , and is designed to be used for career development , The process of sorting out a card an individual is assigned a card to one of five categories focused on desires and /or interests he or she holds. As an example, Knowdell presents the case of a 40 year-old lawyer who was going through a divorce. His two highest values was moral fulfillment and help security. After the card activity and understanding his personality type according to Knowdell, the lawyer realized that he was not in the wrong profession. Even though this activity can be used to help the client identify strengths and skills, based on his or her ability to do a specific jobs; it can also help to erase specific stereotypes the client may have when making a career choice. For example, people are unable to see the biased assumptions underlying their behavior such assuming certain jobs are for specific groups. This could create a barrier to their own career search (e.g., racial and/or gender stereotyping). The card sort activity can also be used to show the contributions made to technology by people from different cultures. On the other hand, it can highlight stereotypical attitudes by emphasizing the representation of diverse cultures working in an organization (Mclean, 2009).

(2) Can you be specific about at least ...

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This solution describes a card sorting activity to be used as a means to overcome biases and assumptions.