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Capacity Planning and Loan Processing Activity

I need to determine the process utilization of your "loan processing" activity. Below are the following processes in the listed sequence, and the time required:

A. Processing customer credit application (performed by a credit analyst over the internet): 3 minutes
B. Waiting for credit analysis (Wait room marked "Wait for Credit Analysis")
C. Analyzing creditor data by Loan Officers: credit report, outstanding loans etc. (Loan Officer "A" -10 minutes, or Loan Officer "B" -6 minutes). Assume, Loan Officer "A" and Loan Officer "B" working simultaneously.
D. Waiting for Manager Approval/Commitment Letter (Wait Room marked "Wait for Manager Approval/Commitment Letter")
E. Prepare Commitment Letter: 2 minutes (only One Loan Approver, Manager "C")
F. Mailing (Wait Room marked "Mail Room")
G. Prepare Mail: 1 minute (only one Secretary, Mary)

I need to draw a process flow chart, using Rectangular box for process, Inverted Triangle for Wait Rooms

1. At the end of 8 hours, how many people would be in each of the Waiting Rooms: "Wait for Credit Analysis", "Wait for Manager Approval/Commitment Letter", and "Mailroom".
2. How many people would you process at the end of 8 hours. Note, processing is complete after the Mail is prepared.

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