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Business ethics: Performance Evaluation moral and ethical issues faced by managers

? Resources: Internet, University Library, and Ch. 1-10 of Managing Business Ethics

o Hiring
o Work assignments
o Performance evaluations
o Discipline
o Termination
o Diversity
o Harassment
o Family and personal issues
o Manager being a role model

? Write a paper in which you analyze ethical and legal aspects associated with your topic and address the following:

o Describe moral and ethical issues faced by managers.
o Explain how the relationship between social issues and ethically responsible management practices relates to your topic.
o Provide a workplace example of an ethical dilemma related to your topic. What legal aspects did management face during this dilemma? What legalities governed or should have governed the decision?

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Role of Business Ethics in Performance Evaluation

Business ethics can be described as the codes of conducts, which specify the guidelines to follow right and honest behavior of individuals in their business organizations. It specifically focuses on "leading a good and satisfying life" (Sahakian & Lewis, 1993). Business ethics are those standards that define the core values of an organization to be integrated in its practices, policies and decision making process. In some organizations, these standards are kept written and circulated among all the employees while in some others, these standards are not written (Velasquez, Andre, Shanks & Meyer, 2008).

Performance evaluation can be explained as the step where the management analyzes, how successful it has been at hiring and placing employees. There are several methods and techniques available for the measurement of the performance of an employee in the organization (Posters, 2003). It is necessary for the business managers to follow ethical principles in the process of performance evaluation, so that each employees of the organization can get equal benefits as per their performance without any discrimination (Svensson, 2007).

The foremost moral and ethical issue in the business organization related to the performance evaluation is the discrimination among employees. At the time of evaluating the performance of employees for its appraisal and promotion it is necessary for the manger to judge and observe the effectiveness of employee's skills, working abilities, performance level, etc. (Sahakian & Sahakian, 1993). In some situations it has become difficult for the manager to do an honest observation of the performance sue to the lack of the feeling of business honesty, integrity and ethics, which ultimately leads discrimination in the organization (Svensson, 2007).

Another issues related to the ethical and moral performance evaluation is the violation of rules and regulations of equal employment opportunity acts. Workforce may encounter various legal issues related to business conduct ...