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I supplied my objective function and constraints and I am obviously off. I don't understand why it is selling in month one rather than month three. Please point out the correct objective function and constraints.


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Your Objective function is:
<br>MAX 3S1 + 6S2 + 7S3 + S4 + 4S5 + 5S6 + 5S7 + S8 + 3S9 + 2S10
<br> -8P1 - 8P2 - 2P3 - 3S4 - 4S5 - 3S6 - 3 S7 - 2S8 - 5S9 - 5S10
<br>The total Selling price is the sum of the number of bushels sold in each month times the selling Price in that month
<br>The ...