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Unlocking and sharing business databases

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1) What are the business benefits to Amazon and EBay of opening up some of their databases to developers and entrepreneurs? Do you agree with this strategy?
2) What business factors are causing Google to move slowly in opening up its databases? Do you agree with this go-slow strategy?
3) Should other companies follow Amazon's and EBay's lead and open up some of their databases to developers and others? Defend positions with examples of the risks ad benefit to an actual company.
4) The concept of opening up a company's product, inventory, and other databases to developers and entrepreneurs is a relatively new one. By using the internet, find examples of companies that have adopted this strategy and the benefits they claim for doing so.
5) Opening up selective databases to outsiders is not a risk-free strategy for a company. What risks are involved? What safeguards should be put in place to guard against loss or misuse of a company's data?