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Study Guide Questions - 4

1. Good time management for project managers includes initiating contact with key stakeholders only when there is a valid issue to deal with.

2. A project manager should identify a problem in terms of its alternate solutions so that team members can more easily reach a decision on how to solve the problem.

3. Networks are mutually beneficial alliances that are generally governed by the law of:
a Supply-demand
b Brooks's law
c Reciprocity
d A squeaky wheel
e Risk-reward

4. During which stage of team development is high performance not a top priority and team member emotions run from upbeat to depressed? (Points : 1)
a Norming
b Storming
c Performing
d Adjourning
e Forming

5. The second ring in the network of relationships for project managers includes all of the following except: (Points : 1)
a Other project managers
b Customers
c Functional managers
d Top management
e Project sponsors

6. Which of the following would be defined as the ability or skill to perceive, assess and manage the emotions of one 's self and others? (Points : 1)
a Emotional stability
b Coolness under pressure
c Emotional intelligence
d Empathy
e Management sensitivity

7. Symptoms of groupthink include: (Points : 1)
a The team thinking it is invincible
b Opinions of those outside the team are considered to be irrelevant
c Critical thinking disappears
d Pressure is applied to any dissenter
e All of these are symptoms of groupthink

8. The first step in facilitating group decision making is to: (Points : 1)
a Call a meeting to discuss the problem
b Identify the problem
c Agree that there is a problem
d Quantify the problem
e Generate alternatives

9. Which of the following is not one of the most significant sources of conflict during the project planning phase? (Points : 1)
a Priorities
b Procedures
c Schedule
d Technical requirements
e Costs

10. All of the following have been found to be good for running effective project meetings except:
a Start meetings on time regardless of whether everyone is present
b Identify an adjournment time
c Thoroughly document all decisions
d Prepare and distribute an agenda prior to the meeting
e All of these are good for effective meetings

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1. False (good time management is being in contact whether there is an ...