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Kate's problem with telling "everything she knows."

Kate is a wonderful accountant... she just has a problem with telling "everything she knows." You found this out quite by accident. You were at an auction and saw her with a group of friends. One item went very high... so Kate went up to see who bought it. Then she came back and announced the result adding: "I don't know how he'll pay for it. He doesn't have any money... I do his taxes." Everyone within hearing range gasped.

Kate's husband is "wired in" to the old-boy's network. She recently submitted a proposal for her firm to be your company's auditor. Your boss is considering it. You are, of course, less than overjoyed at the prospect of Kate seeing all the financials, etc. What do you do?

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I will try to convince my boss for not considering Kate's proposal because it is quite possible that the firm's accounts will ...

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Kate's problem with telling "everything she knows."