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1. A roadside motel uses a walk-up window for guest registration purpose during late night and early morning hours. A person expresses apprehension about completing the registration process outside in cold weather and asks to enter the building. In another scenario, a person appearing to have a weapon approaches the guest who is outside registering for a room. What should the front desk agent do in each of these situations?

2. A parent calls to reserve a room for his teenage child and several of her peers for use during the activities before and after the local high school's prom. He indicates that there will be no adults present, but that he will assume all liability for anything that happens during the time the room is rented. Many times during the conversation he states that he trusts his daughter and that nothing out of the ordinary will happen. Should the front desk agent rent this room to this parent? Why or why not?

3. Assume that, as a Front Office Management (FOM), you retained the services of a mystery shopper. During the visit, the shopper experienced and reported on an unpleasant exchange with a front desk agent. The mystery shopper noted the name of the staff member. You know that the employee has been with the hotel for three months, and you have not received any other complaints about this staff member. What would you do if anything, now that you have knowledge of this incident?