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Email message to plan interviews with candidates

I'm planning interviews for 3 candidates and I need to send an email to a group of staff to ask them which date they can meet with the candidates.

I need to make it sound very professional. Can I get help on how to start my email and some tips

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I don't know what position you hold, or if these staff members have assisted with the interview process before. So, I took the stance that they are helping YOU. With that in mind, I would always approach situations like this with the idea that everyone is working to benefit the company you work for - so activities outside of their normal duties are appreciated, even though 'abnormal.'

I drafted a sample email (below) with a feel to it that seeks to 'elevate' the staff members that ...

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Need assistance drafting an e-mail directed to co-workers? This solution is aimed at assisting someone who needs help in the interview process. But, the theories discussed can be applied to many situations in the business environment.