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Callison v. City of Philadelphia Case

1. Summary of Facts - Briefly summarize important and relevant facts of the case.
- Dispute/Legal Doctrine
- Rule of Law
- Judgement
- Appeal
- Nature of Appeal/Reason for Appeal
- Reason Affirmed/Reversed
- New Rule of Law

2. Legal Issues - Identify one or more relevant legal issues presented in the case.

3. Personal and Legal Analysis - Articulate a personal and legal analysis/opinion of the outcome/ruling of the case.

4. Answer Questins for Analysis.

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430 F.3d 117 (2005), David W. Callison, Appellant,V.City Of Philadelphia, No. 04-2941.

Step 1
The City of Philadelphia had a sick leave abuse policy. An employee on FMLA leave was expected to remain home. If the employee was required to leave home he was supposed to call the City's Sick Control Hotline. In 2001 on two occasions when David Carlson was out on leave he was not found at home, nor had he called the Hotline. When he returned he was suspended without pay for a total of four days.
Dispute/legal doctrine is whether the four day suspension and disciplinary action against Carlson a violation of the FMLA (29 U.S.C. ยง 2601(b)(1) and (2)) ?
Rule of the law is that the City's call in requirement and eligibility provisions of FMLA are not in contravention of the substantive provisions of ...

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