Employment Law - Multiple Choice

1. Hostile work environment includes:

a. sexual touching
b. sexual jokes
c. language including "babe" and "honey"
d. both a and b

2. In Hansen v. Dean Witter, Hansen:

a. participated in the party she later claimed was hostile
b. the party would be considered hostile to a reasonable person
c. did not file a complaint forthwith
d. all of the above

3. Which of the following terms could be considered sexual harassment?

a. bitch
b. ass
c. whose
d. both a and c.

4. Religion can be a BFOQ.

a. true
b. false

5. Which of the following permits employers to discriminate in some cases?

a. 1st Amendment
b. Civil Rights Act
c. Freedom of Religion Act
d. All the above

6. The following can be prohibited from the workplace:

a. religious buttons
b. religious speech and literature
c. religious statues
d. all of the above.

7. The conduct complained of in a sexual harassment case must be:

a. severe
b. pervasive
c. uninvited
d. all of the above

8. In chambers v. Omaha Girls Club, Chamber's termination because she was single and pregnant was:

a. permissible under the at-will doctrine
b. a BFOQ
c. pregnancy discrimination
d. both a and b

9. In UAW v. Johnson Controls, Johnson Controls:

a. must allow women to work in the lead exposed environment
b. could be liable for employees' children born with birth defects
c. are not liable if the employees sign an informed disclaimer
d. both a and b

10. Being less than six months pregnant can be considered a BFOQ in:

a. jobs requiring heavy lifting
b. flight attendants
c. aerobic instructors
d. all of the above

11. In Daniels v. City of Arlington, TX, the wearing of a gold cross pin was permissible.

a. true
b. false

12. In Vetter v. Farmland Industries, Vetter's desire to live in an active religious community presented an undue hardship to his employer.

a. true
b. false

13. The KKK is both a political and a religious organization.

a. true
b. false

14. Homosexuals who insist on wearing political buttons in the workplace advocating homosexual rights may be discharged.

a. true
b. false

15. Sex corrective surgery is protected under the Civil Rights Act.

a. true
b. false

16. The first state court to consider the issue of same sex marriages was:

a. Vermont
b. Massachusetts
c. California
d. Hawaii

17. Homosexuals may be employed in:

a. the military
b. public schools
c. day care centers
d. all of the above

18. The following are protected under Title VII:

a. sex change surgery
b. transsexuals
c. homosexuals
d. none of the above

19. In Bahadirli v. Domino's Pizza, Domino's was responsible for the discriminatory acts of its franchise.

a. true
b. false

20. The IRCA applies to foreign companies who employ people in the U.S.

a. true
b. false

21. A retiree cannot return to work while continuing to receive his or her pension.

a. true
b. false

22. The Sherman Act guaranteed the right of workers to organize unions.

a. true
b. false

23. The Pullman Act reduced the use of injunctions in labor disputes.

a. true
b. false

24. A negotiation process undertaken by a union with management to resolve labor issues is:

a. a yellow dog contract
b. an injunction
c. illegal
d. collective bargaining

25. The following are covered under IRCA:

a. Americans working aboard
b. American working in the U.S. for foreign companies
c. Resident aliens who work for foreign companies in the U.S.
d. Both b and c.

26. Age discrimination requires the employee was:

a. qualified
b. terminated
c. a member of a protected class
d. all of the above

27. Damages for age discrimination include:

a. mental anguish over being terminated
b. pension contributions
c. reinstatement
d. all of the above

28. Categories of disabilities include:

a. sensory
b. mental
c. chemical dependency
d. all of the above

29. Which of the following prohibited non-union membership as a condition to employment?

a. Sherman Act
b. Railway Labor Act
c. Norris LaGuardia Act
d. Wagner Act

30. The following Act insured the right of workers to form unions:

a. Sherman Act
b. Clayton Act
d. Railway Labor Act