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    Business and Industry Analysis

    Business analysis is the research discipline of identifying business needs and determining solutions to business problems. Solutions often include a systems development component, but can also include organizational change or strategic planning and policy development. Sub-disciplines of business analysis include enterprise analysis or company analysis. This job conducts feasibility studies and conducts initial risk assessments. Next, requirement planning and management involves determining which requirements are the highest priority for implementation.

    Business analysis also requires elicitation, which encompasses brainstorming, focus groups, interviews, and surveys. Documentation is also required, which includes architectural analysis and business process analysis. Lastly, any business or industry analysis includes a solution assessment and validation. This looks at how to fix new solutions and how to assess possible shortcomings.1

    There are a few generic business analysis tools, some of which include: PESTEL (political, economic, sociological, technical, legal, and environmental), SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), and Porter's Five Forces. Business analysts usually pick one of three subfields to specialize in since business analysis is too broad: strategist, architect, or systems analyst. Strategists are well versed in analyzing strategic profiles of an organization and its environment, advising senior management on policies and the effects of policy decisions.1

    Architects are involved with the redesigning of different core business processes, the application of technology to support change, and managing organizational change. Finally, systems analysts determine how to get the best return from IT investments and focus on the IT part of the change process.



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    A SWOT analysis is an approach to making an evaluation or a judgment based on an entity’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

    Boston Consulting Group Matrix

    Solutions: 55

    The Boston Consulting Group Matrix (Boston matrix, BCG matrix, growth-share matrix, product portfolio, or portfolio diagram) is a diagram showing how market share and market growth contribute to the outlook of particular business units or product lines.

    Porter's Five Forces

    Solutions: 205

    Porter’s Five Forces consists of forces that affect a company's ability to make profits and serve its customers. Hence, Porter’s Five Forces can be used to assess the attractiveness of a market.

    Resource-Based View

    Solutions: 84

    The resource-based view is a model of competitive advantage that suggests that a firm can gain a sustainable competitive advantage by having resources, or a mix of resources, that are not easily replicable or transferred.

    The Non-Market Business Environment

    Solutions: 4

    David P. Baron suggests that businesses must also learn to compete in what Baron calls the non-market environment. Non-market issues such as regulation will have a significant impact on the success of the firm's business strategy.


    Feasibility Studies

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    Feasibility studies aim to objectively discover the strengths and weaknesses of an existing business or proposed venture. They also look at the opportunities and threats in the current industry and the resources required to carry out the process.

    PEST Analysis

    Solutions: 134

    The PEST analysis framework looks at how factors of change that are external to a business contribute to a business's overall risk. The factors looked at are external factors that lay outside of the control of the organization itself, broken into four categories: political, economic, social and technological.

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    PESTEL: United States

    Please help with examining and provide a detailed PESTEL analysis on the United States of America. response should be in depth. Please provide in text citations and references. References must be from recent credible sources and listed at the end of the response.

    Hameem Group - International Operations

    I need analysis of the Multinational Corporation (MNC), The Hameem Group, a textile/clothing manufacturer. Website: www.hameemgroup.net I need the following topics and questions addressed in the analysis: Strategy: Briefly provide an analysis of the strategy (industry, products, markets, core competencies). What types of

    Market Expansion Feasibility Anaysis

    I am not really sure I selected the correct category. but some resources can be the wall street journey or Michigan State University. (2009). GlobalEDGE: Global resource directory. Retrieved from http://globaledge.msu.edu/resourcedesk. I also attached subject matters that should be included and can be any country or company.

    U.S. Bureau Economic Analysis BEA Query

    Visit: www.bea.gov The Bureau of Economic Analysis is the National Income Accounting arm of the Department of Commerce. It has the responsibility to calculate the national income accounts (including Gross Domestic Product) and to provide this information. To go directly to the data I want visit: http://www.bea.gov/iTable/iTabl

    Strategic Evaluation Report

    Locate three articles written in the last six months, or as current as possible, about the industry of your selected organization. Write a 300-word document titled "Strategy Evaluation Report" in which you include the following: • Summarize your organization's strategy and performance in the current year. • Identify

    Mayo Clinic and Nadler-Tushman Inputs

    1. Did the Mayo Clinic go through any crisis where they had to make key decisions to continue to operate under their strategy? For example, did they have to reaffirm their commitment to remaining a private, not for profit organization? 2. Is there any possibility of using What Dr. Porter developed in the strategy commenta

    Individuals in Mind, Mates by Heart

    Please help elaborate on a research article that analyzes one of the cultural patterns such as collective versus individualistic social perception and gender perspective differences. Help with elaborating a reflection that summarizes the pattern and analyze the implications in a global organization. The selected article is:

    Online file-sharing the music industrys paradigm shift

    Please read the attached case study and answer the below questions in the following format 1) Introduction (Summary of case) 2) Problems identified in the case study 3 Answers to below questions 4) Conclusions Max 4 pages with APA style references Questions 1 How could the music industry have responded differently t

    Strategies to Support the Mission

    The Analysis of Mission and Vision Statements and the Company's Strategic Direction paper is an individual assignment that focuses on the analysis of the mission and vision statement and strategic direction of a fairly well known company. Company - Office Depot There are two parts to this assignment. Part 1 focuses on t

    IKEA: Operations Management

    Using the assigned articles and other research, analyze IKEA's global operational strategy. Integrate the learning of stewardship, systems thinking, strategy, quality and execution where applicable. Using the assigned articles and other research, analyze IKEA's global operational strategy. Integrate the course learning of ste

    Ramada Demonstrats Its Personal Best

    Ramada Demonstrates Its Personal Best 1. Build the management-research question hierarchy for Ramada. 2. Apply the research process model to the Ramada research initiative. a. Explain the role and process of exploration in Ramada's research. b. What role did secondary data play in the exploration phase of the research? c.

    The Market for Commercial Papers

    Read "The Ebb and Flow of Commercial Paper" Respond to the following: - What factors contribute to an expansion of the commercial paper market? - What factors cause a contraction in the commercial paper market? - How do companies use commercial paper to raise short-term funds? - Who can issue commercial paper? Who buy

    Blue Ocean Strategy

    Could an investor beat the stock market and generate a superior return with a company who has formulated and implemented a blue ocean strategy? Why or why not? Can I have two concrete examples of Fortune 500 companies?

    BYD Electric: Mission, strategy, business opportunity

    Select a manufacturing business that creates a real product and write an overview. I need to see how this is done. The overview should include the context and your organization a) Articulate the vision, mission, and strategy of your organization (or business unit or division). b) What are the sources of competitive advantag

    Producing and Interpreting Descriptive Statistics

    1.Calculate the mean, median, range, and standard deviation of home price and size. You can cut and paste the answers from the Analysis Toolpack, or you can place your results in the same Excel sheet as the data, below the existing table. Be sure to label each of your data calculations. (For example: Row 84 Column B should conta

    Strategic assessment for Twitter, Inc.

    This Project is 7-9 page paper with exhibits of organization financial data. Your Project should identify a publicly-held corporation and conduct a strategic assessment that includes organizational analysis of: (a) financial condition, (b) industry and competitors, and (c) organization situation. From the assessment, (d) formula

    Basic Earnings Per Share (EPS)

    An analyst gathered the following information about a company whose fiscal year end is December 31: • Net income for the year was $10.5 million. • Preferred stock dividends for $2 million were declared and paid for the year. • Common stock dividends of $3.5 million were paid for the year. • There were 20 million shar

    Find Quantitative Variables In Business to Illustrate Correlations

    My job is to Select a variable from the study and one from the workplace that might prove to provide a correlation relationship. Explain why I would choose these two? and How would the results of this survey be used in the workplace? For example height and weight are two variables for which we can define the correlation. Note

    QI Plan Part I- Consumerism

    •What is the difference between performance measurement and quality improvement processes? •What types of care or service does your chosen organization focus on? What is its mission? What QI goals does the organization have in place? •What is the role of consumers—patient, family, and friends—in your organization

    Whole Foods Market

    I need help with this portion of my assignment 1. organizational level - what does it produce and sell? What are its goals? How has it been performing? 2. group level - What are some groups that Whole Foods Market identifies, and the goals and performance of these groups. 3. individual level - identify five to seven key jo

    Chinese fireworks Business Ideas

    1. Think about all the different ways that you could be in businesses and involved somehow with Chinese fireworks. List 4 of different types of businesses. 2. How hard or easy will it probably be to make profits in each of these 4 types of businesses that you list? 3.What might be the key skills or resources each of

    ROAM analysis: Rite-Way Corporation

    The Rite-Way Corporation, a manufacturer of a line of writing instruments, has completed a ROAM analysis for all products. The deluxe model in its line of fountain pens sells for $5.50 but produces a ROAM of 8.3 percent, well below the 23.5 percent average for the other products. Management believes rising raw material costs, su

    System Analysis

    Suppose that an analysis team did not generate alternative design strategies for consideration by a project steering committee or client. What might the consequences be of having only one design strategy? What might happen during the oral presentation of project progress if only one design strategy is offered?

    I need help analyzing immigration issues and questions.

    Who benefit from illegal immigration/immigrants? Are all immigrants considered cheap labor? Who benefits most from the work/jobs provided by the illegal immigrants, and which U.S. workers lose out as a result of the added competition for those low-wage jobs? Do we need more immigrants because of low U.S. birth rate? And why

    Company Analysis and Questions, General Electric (GE)

    I need help with a company analysis and questions, General Electric (GE). What strategies led GE's longevity? And, how GE survived for over 100 years? What are some of the economic reasons for its success? What is the GE's value and work at maintaining long-term relationships with its employees, customers, suppliers, other

    Benefit Plan Design Analysis for McDonalds Inc.

    I need help profiling a big corporation such as Mcdonalds. Provide a clear profile Mcdonalds as well as the organization's current benefits program. Present key facts that are important in understanding your chosen organization's benefits program. Provide Profile the McDonald's in detail and Benefits Program: .