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Brazil & the US: Economic Factors Comparison

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How does the economic geographical factors of Brazil differ from those of the United States?

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Agriculture: Brazil in comparison to the US

Both countries have vast territories with arable land fertile for agricultural harnessing. Brazil is considered a 'super-exporter' in terms of agricultural products while in the US; agriculture is seen as one of the major industries of the nation, 922 million acres of US land is farmland. Due to the industrialization of farming, technology has made farming less labour intensive in the US as out of 145 million employed Americans, only 2.2 million are farmers or are employed in agriculture. In contrast to this, 1/4 of 93.65 ...

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The solution is a concise comparison of Brazil's economic factors (agricultural, geographical) to that of the United States in reference to their importance in either nation's economic capacity. The solution follows the APA-format. A word version is attached for easy printing.