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Explanations to questions based on sales

Gordon, the new marketing director for a university knows the school's IMC program needs to be comprehensive, meaning:
The final exams in the marketing courses need to cover all the material.
All aspects of the marketing budget need to be understood by the administration.
All elements of the marketing communications mix need to be considered.
All of the choices are correct.

Question 2. 2. Some components of job variety in sales include:
Changing internal and external environments.
Different customer needs and problems.
Creative problem-solving.
All of the choices are correct.

Question 3. 3. If your boss says, "we need to increase our margins," what is he or she referring to?

Question 4. 4. Objections are a natural part of any sales process. Sales representatives can overcome objections by:
Developing a trusting relationship with the client over the long run.
Working to negotiate win-win solutions.
Both A and B.
Neither A nor B.

Question 5. 5. Another name for problem solving selling is ____________ selling.

Question 6. 6. Overpromising to get an initial sale will work once in ___________ selling.

Question 7. 7. Marvin provides a home, boat-repair service. He often spends extra time helping customers identify and fix other problems without charging them. Marvin receives _________ rewards for these efforts.

Question 8. 8. Being a Customer Service Leader:
Is a leadership issue.
Is a marketing issue.
Must be connected to the organization's mission.
All of the choices are correct.

Question 9. 9. Harry, a sales rep for a collectible doll company, is a good friend of the advertising manager for the major collectible doll magazine. Harry asks his friend not to take ads from a competing firm. Harry is engaged in:
Restraint of trade.
Competitor obstruction.

Question 10. 10. Sometimes a customer will signal that they want a bribe by asking for:
A meeting with their corporate managers.
Special consideration.
Sexual overtures.
Letter confirming the payment.

Question 11. 11. In order to understand the selling process and why successful salespeople do what they do, you must understand:
Why the organization exists.
How customers make their purchase decisions.
Regulations affecting selling.
The macro economy.

Question 12. 12. As a sales manager one of the most difficult decisions is to terminate an employee. Frequently, sales managers make mistakes of ___________ when following termination procedure.

Question 13. 13. Natalie constantly works on building a reputation for delivering her assignments on time. She is developing her:
Cost efficiency.
Credit with customers.
Retention rate success.
Personal brand.

Question 14. 14. Slander is unfair or untrue:
Written statements.
Oral statements.
All of the choices are correct.

Question 15. 15. Excellence in supply-chain management adds value to the company in the form of:
Perceived company reliability.
Integrated marketing communications.
Internal customer satisfaction.

Question 16. 16. In relationship selling, the hard sell message is replaced by a communication approach of:
Role playing dialogue.
Lifetime customer contact.
Mutual problem solving.
CRM technical analysis.

Question 17. 17. In relationship selling sales force compensation and incentives are often more difficult to create and administer because relationship selling:
Is more complex than transactional selling.
Is often done with teams.
Is more ethical than transactional selling.
Requires less effort.

Question 18. 18. Carolyn is the new sales manager for a health care company. She knows the single biggest challenge faced by her sales staff is:
Selling value.
Offering enough variety.
Finding qualified prospects.
All of the choices are correct.

Question 19. 19. A sales manager asks her sales reps to look for customers' products that could be purchased and used by their company. The sales manager is encouraging:
Restraint of trade.
Competitor defamation.

Question 20. 20. The time to think about ethics is:
At the beginning of your career.
Before you are caught up in a dilemma.
When you have a problem situation.
All of the choices are correct.

Question 21. 21. As the vice president for sales, Carrie is assessing her company's internal sales environment. She will probably include ____________ in her assessment.
Human resources.
Financial resources.
Production capabilities.
All of the choices are correct.

Question 22. 22. The use of _______________ creates a challenge for managers attempting to keep sales people fully socialized to the culture of the organization.
Virtual offices
Repetitive sales pitches
Industrial RFPs
Modified perceived risk analyses

Question 23. 23. To a customer, utility is:
The energy cost, both electrical and other forms.
Whatever the salesperson says it is.
Value of the sale minus the commission paid to the salesperson.
The want-satisfying power of a good or service.

Question 24. 24. Changes in communication systems allowing 24-hour per day ordering for customers around the world would be assessed as part of a firm's __________ environment.
Social and cultural

Question 25. 25. Sales training focuses on __________, while sales development focuses on ____________.
Careers; skills.
Incentives; rewards.
Skills; careers.
Autonomy; ethics.

Question 26. 26. Olivia always compares her company's products to those of competitors. She sometimes stretches the comparison, making unfair statements about competing products. Olivia is engaged in:
Restraint of trade.
Competitor defamation.

Question 27. 27. Salespeople encounter pressure, challenging their behavior, from:
Primarily government rules.
Primarily competing salespeople.
Production managers.
Customers, managers, and outsiders.

Question 28. 28. In selling, value is the ______________ the customer derives from the product you are selling.
Net benefits
All of the choices are correct.

Question 29. 29. Companies try to influence their ___________ through political lobbying and public relations campaigns.
External environments
Internal environments

Question 30. 30. __________ plays a major role in using information to manage customer relationships.
Persuasive communication

Question 31. 31. The most significant set of laws affecting selling are defined in the:
Uniform Commercial Code.
Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization Act
Caveat Emptor Doctrine.

Question 32. 32. ________________ plays a larger role when a company is reordering as compared to ordering for the first time.
Purchasing managers
Selling centers
Key account buyers

Question 33. 33. Hylana has been selling textbooks for years. She knows instructors will often have objections concerning:
All of the choices are correct.

Question 34. 34. If you were asked to compare sales peoples' activities twenty years ago and today, the major new activities of sales people today center on the use of:
Foreign language skills.
Consultative sales.
Technology in communication.

Question 35. 35. Michael Porter articulated the concept of the _____________, identifying ways to create more customer value within a selling firm.
Margin call.
Utility task analysis.
Synergy systems database.
Value chain.

Question 36. 36. Collusion is any effort that:
Defames competitors.
Deceives customers.
Violates a code of ethics.
Lessens competition.

Question 37. 37. ______________ is one way to sell based on professionalism.
Clear and concise correspondence.
Clearly labeled products.
Regularly offered discounts
All of the choices are correct.

Question 38. 38. The relative importance and use of selling in a firm's promotional strategy will depend on all of the following EXCEPT:
The number of customers.
Dispersion of customers.
Location of raw materials.
Importance of the purchase.

Question 39. 39. Restaurants sometimes intentionally set up their exhaust systems to blow in the direction of a street where potential customers will smell the fumes and be attracted to the restaurant. They are attempting to overcome the _________ property of selling services.

Question 40. 40. In ____________ companies share assets, including sales force capability, for mutual advantage.
Selected buyouts.
Strategic partnerships.
External marketing orders.

Question 41. 41. You are hired as the new sales manager for a restaurant supply company and find little coordination between the sales and marketing departments. One thing you could do to improve synergy between sales and marketing would be to:
Create cross-functional selling teams.
Create a competition between the sales and marketing staff.
Offer rebates to customers.
All of the choices are correct.

Question 42. 42. Many manufacturers allow their suppliers access to their sales information and automatically authorize purchase of materials to replace those used in the products that have been sold. In these organizations, sales are based on:
Profit margins.
Extrinsic rewards.
Derived demand.

Question 43. 43. It generally takes _________ calls to close a new account than an existing account.
The same number
It cannot be determined

Question 44. 44. Terry has about a dozen highly profitable customers in her sales territory. One strategy she should consider is increasing the ____________ for those customers.
Retention rate.
Brand equity.
Supply-source management.

Question 45. 45. Jessica is manager for a large department with several telecommuters. In order to balance her employees' needs for autonomy and support, she will need to employ which of the following communications technologies and strategies in decreasing order of frequency:
Face-to-face meetings, voicemail, email and IM, phone conversations, conference calls.
Face-to-face meetings, conference calls, phone conversations, voicemail, email and IM.
Email and IM, voicemail, phone conversations, conference calls, face-to-face meetings.
Email and IM, voicemail, conference calls, face-to-face meetings, phone conversations.

Question 46. 46. Karen is serious about climbing the corporate ladder in her organization. As a salesperson, she should do the following, except:
Take on extra responsibilities.
Show she wants to advance.
Treat her coworkers as subordinates.

Question 47. 47. Fiona has a canned sales presentation but, realizing this particular customer is already quite knowledgeable about her product, she changes the presentation. Fiona is engaged in:
Adaptive selling.
Repeat purchase selling.
Selling center adjustment.

Question 48. 48. Companies that create strong codes of ethics but do not follow them are said to:
Let caveat emptor reign.
"Take to and hit to right."
"Talk the talk" but not "walk the walk."

Question 49. 49. Which of the following is one of customer selling mistakes to avoid?
Do it the way the customer's way.
Push the customer.
Listen to the customer.
Focusing on the customer's objectives.

Question 50. 50. Glen and forty other students are trying to sell tickets to the university's basketball game. Glen is involved in _________ selling.

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