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Balanced Scorecard Johnson and Johnson

For Johnson and Johnson

Comment on the 4 key criteria of the balanced scorecard for Johnson and Johnson. Mention the types of activities, measures, and goals that are likely to be found in each section.

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Company: Johnson and Johnson


J&J's financial goals would be reflected in their financial measures. Their goal is followed by the related measure:
Growing each of their four segment's sales (sales growth by segment)
Growing in developing and emerging countries (sales by geographic region)
Increasing dividends annually (dividends per share)
Increasing return on equity annually (return on equity)
Increasing earnings per share annually (earnings per share)


J&J's customer goals include ...

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Your tutorial is 267 words and discusses the types of measures in each of the four perspectives of the balanced scorecard that you might expect to find on Johnson and Johnson's balanced scorecard. This does not present a full balanced scorecard but gives you ideas of the types of activities and measures would be in financial, customer, internal business process and learning and growth perspectives of the scorecard.