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Analyze Needs of Creating Types of Firms

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Team A has chosen to create a marketing consulting firm. The Clients R Us Marketing Consulting Firm or "C.R.U.M.S" for short is a 5-member team of professional women whom are dedicated to helping facilities in and around the North Eastern part of the United States dealing, mostly with the Homeless population. Although, C.R.U.M.S key concepts have a goal to assist in effectively identifying the focal consumer markets of Homeless people, this team will also assist the MH (Mental Health) population in and around the Northern Hemisphere of the United States.
C.R.U.M.S main branch is located in Portland, Maine where the consulting firm has a small shelter and soup kitchen located on the first floor of a historical landmark in the area. This particular building is known as a Brown Stone with two existing other floors, which are used at times for both a temporary residence for the firm's members and the 3rd floor known to the women as "ground zero", where strategic planning, marketing research and area statistical data is gathered. This particular shelter is where many of the ideas and marketing plans are developed for the clients, whom C.R.U.M.S is currently serving and anticipated new clientel'. .
Consulting team members have specific task with in the Clients R Us Firm. Michelle is head of the Statistical Data gathering department following census patterns, upcoming vulnerable expected areas and cultural diversities within the homeless and mental health populations. Alison Cope tends to the financial end of cost and experimental programs for development and control sites, Angela manages internal and external budgeting, Kelly is the firms Public Relations manager who interacts with local city officials in areas where perspective new clients are sought provided with seminars, and Lori is the consulting firm's troubleshooter and closer.
Each team members have assets, which is maximized to enrich the firm's success and sustainability. Communication skills (Kelly), research expertise (Michelle), program trends analyst (Alison), economical trend forecaster (Angela) and the firm's mediator (Lori) conspire to make a group of women who specialized in her field and design a portrait of leaders. The Clients R Us firm specifically hired each member for her specific duty, which are collectively required yet independently involved. Grasping each member's potentials and learning her defects have been in itself a group collaborative assignment however; individual inventories were investigated concluding which team member would appropriately succeed in her position.
The team forecast difficulties in upcoming national economical concerns with cutbacks to local non-profit agencies that specifically deal with the targeted market the firm intends to assist. The percentage of governmental cuts delegated for the Mental Health Societies is also an issue, the firm knows will bring about some sacrifice to her own personal wallet. The focal point for dealing with these upcoming forecasted financial difficulties is to create new programs and vacate larger facilities for the Clients R Us clients that will generate more participants and lower client turnovers.

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I'm assuming that the question is how to deal with the expected financial difficulties in the future economic market. The firm expects to lose some of its funding, via cutbacks in nonprofit budgets. As a way of helping you think through this problem, I will set out a few possible activities the firm could consider doing, as a way of proactively preparing for the expected decrease in funds.

The first matter of business, of course, it to keep in constant communication with the nonprofits upon which the firm already depends. Will funding be cut? How much? When? Which particular facets of the firm's activities will be impacted by this? (mental health, housing, etc.).

The firm may want to seek out new relationships with other nonprofits, as a way of securing funding that would make up for the expected losses. Outreach and grant writing will be an absolute key activity in this endeavor. The firm could create a new community outreach campaign which seeks not only to educate the public ...

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