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Managerial accounting - contribution margin format income

Can you help me with these questions?

1. At an activity level of 9,300 units, variable costs totaled $27,900 and fixed costs totaled $25,440. If 15,900 units are produced and this activity is within the relevant range, then:

a. total cost would equal $96,831.
b.fixed cost per unit would equal $4.49. costs would equal $53,340.
d. total unit cost would equal $4.6.

2. Last year, Twins Company reported $789,480 in sales (25,800 units) and a net operating income of $17,000. At the break-even point, the company's total contribution margin equals $542,860. Based on this information, the company's:

a.variable expenses are 71% of sales.
b.break-even point is 24,800 units.
c.contribution margin ratio is 29%.
d.variable expense per unit is $8.9.

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Your tutorial creates a contribution margin format income statement for both problems to solve for missing amounts in Excel (see **attached**). Click in cells to see computations and formulas.