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Don's Game Store: Budgeting and an Increase of Sales

Don's Game Store sells electronic computer and other games. The store has budgeted sales for January of 2008, as it is indicated in the following table. The company waits for the 5 percent of increase in the sales during the month of February and a 10 percent of increase for the month of March on the amount of sales of the month of February.

Sales January February March
Sales in cash $20,000
Sales on credit $40,000
Total sales budgets $60,000

a) Complete the budget of sales in the spaces in blank
b) Which is the amount of income by sales that the company will present/display a state pro form of gains and losses for the first trimester?

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January February March
Sales in cash 20,000.00 21,000.00 23,100.00
Sales on ...

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Guidelines for completing a budget of sales are provided.