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How to Stay Motivated While Studying

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Oh great! The weekend’s over, and it’s back to the routine of school. It’s so tempting just to lie in bed and avoid the prospect of school altogether…


But don’t despair! Studying for those all-important exams doesn’t have to be as grueling as you would imagine. By following these seven simple tips for staying motivated, you can inject a bit of fun and excitement into studying – and ensure that the stuff you need to learn is memorized.


1. Try studying somewhere new! By setting aside a dedicated place for studying, you can associate that particular location with concentrating. Experts call this an ‘anchor’, and you could choose a coffee shop or a quiet corner of the library.


2. Tackle your work in chunks. Setting yourself a six-hour, non-stop window of study-time isn’t going to get you anywhere – you’ll feel exhausted just thinking about it. If you want to remain super motivated, just ensure that you have frequent breaks doing things you like in between your study sessions.


3. Whatever you do – try not to study in the bedroom. It can send confusing signals when you work in the bedroom. Because you mainly associate this area with somewhere to sleep, working here may make you feel particularly tempted to take a nap.


4. Set yourself miniature goals instead of gigantic ones. By creating little milestones every day of the topics you want to master, it’ll be easier for you to see progress to be proud of.


5. Use different study techniques. Don’t just sit there reading a textbook, and don’t just sit there writing notes. If you like singing, create a song with everything you need to know. Create a mind map that will help you to link everything together. Through mixing things up, you’ll be able to keep it a little more exciting.


6. Complete past papers if you’re studying for a test. Once you’ve done a paper, then get a tutor to mark it. The best way to stay motivated is to practice what you’re aiming towards, and to celebrate as you see your results getting better.


7. Think of the end result! Have you always wanted to be a writer, a pilot, a midwife, a celebrity, a footballer? If so, think of studying this way: it might be a real drag when you’re doing it, but the end result will definitely be worth the work!


At the end of the day, staying motivated is the HARD part of studying. If you feel motivated, you’ll have no troubles cracking a book and getting into it. Tiredness and distraction can devastate your ability to keep moving forward. With positivity in one hand and a book in the other, there’s nothing that will stop you from getting that grade!


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