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summarizing a scientific article on cell biology

I need help paraphrasing the attached article entitled, "Depletion of E-Cadherin Disrupts Establishment but Not Maintenance of Cell Junctions in MDCK Epithelial Cells."


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The authors used Madin-Darby canine kidney cells as a model to test the importance of E-cadherin and a-catenin in the formation and maintenance of epithelial intercellular tight junctions. What they found suggests that E-cadherin and Cadherin-6 act as scaffolding during the construction of polarized structures in the junction, however they are largely dispensable in mature junctions. On the other hand, a-catenin is essential for the maintenance of functioning ...

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In this solution I help the student to summarize a peer-reviewed journal article related to E-cadherin and epithelial cell junctions.