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Microbiology Questions

Please confirm correctness of my answers for the 3 questions.

8. Anthrax may be treated with antibiotics because
a. Anthrax spores germinate into vegetative cells.
b. Anthrax spores are susceptible to antibiotics. - My answer
c. The spores remain dormant during disease.
d. Anthrax on infects the brain.

29. The organism of gonorrhea
a. Resists destruction during autoclaving.
b. Survives for long periods of time on a dry surface.
c. Occurs in spore and vegetative forms. - My answer
d. In rarely contracted from a dry surface such as a toilet seat.

47. Biofilms are clumps of bacteria in slimy conglomerates that are difficult to kill. All of the following relate to biofilms except.
a. Biofilms in urinary catheters are starting places for bladder infections.
b. Biofilms adhere to macromolecules in a liquid environment. - My answer
c. Biofilms in males may cause prostate infection.
d. Biofilms of P. aeruginosa are associated with a decline in respiratory function.