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Myristic Acid B-Oxidation

How would you show the various stages of the B-oxidation of myristic acid CH3(CH2)10CH2CH2COOH? Including Parts of the Cell, Type of Process, Structure, etc.

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Response: The free fatty acids that enter the cytosol from the blood cannot pass directly through the mitochondrial membrane. Therefore, first, the fatty acid is coupled to CoA producing an fatty acyl-CoA. This reaction is catalyzed by an outer mitochondrial membrane enzyme called acyl-CoA synthetase. But these fatty acyl-CoAs can't pass through the membrane either. Instead, the fatty acyl group is temporarily attached to the hydroxyl group of carnitine and then this fatty acyl-carnitine is carried across the inner mitochondrial membrane by a specific transporter. The enzyme that catalyzes the transfer ...

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This in-depth solution contains the stages of the B-oxidation of myristic acid in the mitochondrial membrane and types of process. The structure of the myristic acid is also discussed.