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Human Biology - Muscle, Skin and Tissue

Which of the following statements is TRUE concerning muscle organization?

a. Myosin filaments are attached to Z bands.
b. Actin filaments are thin.
c. Actin filaments border sarcomere.
d. A muscle bundle is composed of tiny units called I Bands.

_____ filament pulls itself down the _____ filament, causing the muscle to contract.

a. actin, myosin
b. myosin, actin
c. myosin, sarcomere
d. sarcomere, actin

Smooth muscle tissue is

a. Voluntary.
b. Found in the heart.
c. Found attached to bones.
d. Involuntary.

Skeletal muscle tissue is

a. voluntary.
b. Found in the heart.
c. Found attached to bones.
d. Both a and c

This is the outer layer of skin.

a. Hypodermis
b. epidermis
c. dermis
d. subcutaneous

The underlying layer of skin is the .

a. Hypodermis
b. epidermis
c. dermis
d. subcutaneous

The most abundant epidermal cells are the.

a. squamousal
b. keratinocytes
c. melanocytes
d. dermacytes

These cells produce and donate melanin.

a. squamousal
b. keratinocytes
c. melanocytes
d. dermacytes

This is the tissue organ below dermis.

a. Hypodermis
b. epidermis
c. dermis
d. myodermis

People who do not have the enzymes necessary for melanin production are :

a. melanos
b. albinos
c. anhydroxyls
d. cretins

A type of skin inflammation that develops after bacteria infect oil gland ducts is called:

a. scabies
b. mites
c. sclarifers
d. Acne

Husklike cavities in the skin are called:

a. roots
b. hair follicles
c. shafts
d. acne

Skin color is mostly a function of the distribution of which of the following?

a. Fibroblasts
b. Lymphocytes
c. Melanocytes
d. Osteocytes

Which of the following is NOT true about ceruminous glands.

a. they are modified sebaceous glands
b. they secrete cerumen
c. they are found in the external auditory meatus
d. they are found in the ear
e. they serve no positive function

This is the layer of skin containing connective tissue and collagenous and elastic fibers.

a. epidermis
b. dermis
c. subcutaneous
d. stratum corneum
e. stratum spinosum

Which of the following causes an increase in melanin production?

a. ultraviolet light
b. infrared light
c. visible light
d. black light
e. white light

These skin glands function in excretion and temperature regulation.

a. sebaceous (oil)
b. sudoriferous (sweat)
c. cerumenous (wax)
d. epithelial
e. dermal

These muscles are attached to the root of each hair.

a. skeletal
b. cardiac
c. papillary
d. pruritis
e. arrector pilli

This term means an inflammation of the skin.

a. skinnitis
b. dermititis
c. epidermititis
d. subcutanititis
e. keratinitis

18. What triggers the release of calcium ions from the sarcoplasmic reticulum?

a. Formation of actin-myosin cross-bridges
b. Sarcomere contraction
c. An action potential
d. An increase in calcium ion concentration

4. What are dark bands that define the two ends of each sacromeres called.

a. myosin
b. actin
c. Z-Lines
d. sarcomeres

40. Since atria always receive blood, the vessels attached to them are all termed veins.

a. True
b. False

48. When should an expecting Rh-- mother be concerned of Erythroblastosis Fetalis?

a. pregnancy of her second Rh- child.
b. pregnancy of her first Rh+ child.
c. pregnancy of her first Rh- child.
d. pregnancy of her second Rh+ child.

49. Blood contains over ½

a. plasma
b. erythrocytes
c. leucocytes
d. thrombocytes

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