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Regarding exercise 12(see attachment).........These are the measurements from electrophoresis well 1=37mm,36,29,25,22,18 and well 2-5 all have measurements of 45mm can you do this equation for me as stated on page 105-106 dealing with the regression line equation. Why are different temperatures needed for the 3 steps in the polymerase chain reaction?


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I've plotted your lambda DNA standard curve based on the fragment sizes found on p.117. Apparently, it is my belief that the smallest lambda fragment of 564 bp went right off the end of the gel or otherwise wasn't seen. Sometimes that happens. So, since your PCR fragment is 1106 bp, we'll be extrapolating its estimated size based on the gel since the smallest lambda fragment we've got on the standard curve is the 2027 fragment. Does that make sense? Please make sure you understand the logic of that. It's important. For help, take a look at the Excel file attached. It shows the plot of the standard curve ...