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Determining the D-value

Serial Dilutions and Enterococcus faecalis.
The procedure used is attached and the questions are attached via the document 1.


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**Please see attachment for data table and graph**

6. Briefly describe the result and write a conclusion.

This experiment shows that as the length of time increases, the number of viable microorganisms decreases. There is
a linear relationship between time and viable count. After each 3.6 minute period, there is a reduction in the viable
count by 1 log. In the 15 mins of this experiment, there was a total decrease of 4 log values.
Therefore, it can be concluded that it takes 3.6 minutes at 65°C for a population of E. faecalis in TSA with PBS to decrease
by 90%, as determined by standard plate count -pour plate ...

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Finding the decimal reduction value for E. Faecalis.