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Homeostasis and Physiology

11. Where in the body is glycogen stored?
a. Red blood cell
b. Bone tissue
c. Liver
d. Gall bladder

12. What electrolyte controls water balance in the human body?
a. Sodium
b. Potassium
c. Magnesium
d. Calcium

13. Identify the most important way heat is lost from the body during exercise.
a. Conduction
b. Radiation
c. Evaporation
d. Convection

14. Which genetic term describes the appearance of an individual?
a. Karyotype
b. Genotype
c. Phenotype
d. Homozygous

15. Where does protein digestion begin in the human body?
a. Stomach
b. Small Intestine
c. Large Intestine
d. Mouth

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11. Glycogen is stored in the liver.

12. Sodium controls water balance.

13. Radiation is the most significant way for heat loss to occur during rest (about 60% of body heat loss). ...

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