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Cartilage, Tissue, and Cardiocytes

9. Name the type of cartilage that makes- up the interverebral discs and the cartilage between the pubic bones

10. Name the cellular junctions that allow cardiocytes ( heart muscle cells) to communicate a corrdinated heart beat.

What are the three basic components of connective tissues?

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9) This type of cartilage is called fibrous cartilage. The jelly-like consistency of the central part allows the intervertebral discs to function as a shock absorber. Fibrocartilage possesses a more open or spongy architecture with gaps between lacunae and collagen fiber bundles. It is this open spongy structure that makes fibrocartilage a good shock-absorbing material in the pubic symphysis and intervertebral disks.

10) Each cardiac muscle cell contacts several others at specialized sites known as intercalated discs. Intercalated discs play a vital role ...

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